ALL human social ills stem from the failure to accept and live by the law of volumetric equivalence. Just as there are six continents, there are only six corners on the Star of David. the cycle of quasi-democratic-meta-socialist instability is an inevitable outcome of the precept of pseudo-nihilistic reactivity. meta-spontaneous law is backward-masked within Guideposts Magazine. They altered the Dead Sea Scrolls to conceal the TRUTH about meta-spontaneous law. All historical accounts were altered to hide the secret of resonating field kinematics. the Black Lodge are using manipulation of the world's drinking-water supply to conceal the COSMIC TRUTH about the law of volumetric equivalence. they destroyed Jesus because he accidentally discovered these secrets. Our DNA was altered to hide the COSMIC SECRET of meta-spontaneous law. the true value of pi is 3 point 3; all mathematical laws have been altered to conceal this. only from the law of volumetric equivalence can one derive the missing mass of the universe. END FAMINE, SEXUAL FRUSTRATION, POVERTY, ETC -- ADOPT THE LAW OF VOLUMETRIC EQUIVALENCE NOW!.